Here's a list of open-source projects I've created over the years. You can check a more up-to-date list at my GitHub.

  • yotaq - Your own task queue
    Yotaq is a Python project that provides an easy and simple to use distributed task queue. It was initially born as a tutorial about task queues but grew to be flexible enough to be used in any kind of project.
  • MindMapItSource at GitHub
    MindMaPit is a web tool to create mind maps directly on your browser, using a simple syntax to define the diagrams.
  • HexagonatorSource at GitHub
    Hexagonator is a generator of abstract wallpapers built with vanilla JavaScript. It uses, well, hexagons to generate the backgrounds from a source image.
  • Imgur UploaderSource at GitHub
    Simple web app to upload multiple images to Imgur and generate links for all of them, a feature that was once included in Imgur was recently removed. Links can be generated in markdown, HTML and bbcode.
  • QuickBookmarkToFolderSource at GitHub
    QuickBookmarkToFolder is an extension for Google Chrome that improves the experience of adding new bookmarks to a particular folder by showing a search box to let the user quickly search for the destination folder.
  • Freegemas
    Freegemas is an open-source cross-platform version of the well known Bejeweled built with C++ and SDL2.
  • CuatroEnRaya
    CuatroEnRaya is a four-in-a-row game built with Unity to learn about the game engine. It features a fully functional artificial intelligence to compete against.
  • BetterImageOverlaySource at GitHub
    BetterImageOverlay is a mod for the game Cities: Skylines that lets you overlay an image over the terrain so you can easily use it as a template for building your city.
  • SiteUp
    SiteUp is an open-source platform for monitoring Internet services built using Django. It offers many different kinds of checks, ranging from standard ICMP checks to DNS record verification.
  • Send to Jeffrey's Exif ViewerSource at GitHub
    A Google Chrome extension that allows the user to quickly open any image in Jeffrey Friedl's EXIF viewer to quickly check EXIF data such as the camera model used to take the picture.
  • oFlute
    Open-source videogame built with C++ that lets the user play songs with a flute so the computer can analyse the sound in real time and check how well the song is being performed.